The First Tutorial

The fasted and easy free software to create interactive online courses.

The first thing you need to do is : install open-elearning software.

Go to the website

and go to the download page.

Select the package for your system.

On the Open-Elearning launch screen, click "New Project".

If you already have a Open-Elearning project, you can click "Open Project".

Open Elearning will open a new project with a single empty slide.

When you begin a new Open-Elearning project from scratch,

It's size will default to 960 pixels wide by 720 pixels high.

4/3 Screen.

On the defaut screen :

A title bar object is installed by default

And somme Helpers to add automatic contents and buttons

For exemple you can press on "INTRO" to insert a defaut image and text

And press button to add a "Next button"

You can edit objet with the "edit icon"

For example :

Change the button text

Or change "Next slide" to "previous slide" in "action list"

On the tools tab in left side.

There is a choice of objects to insert object in the slide.

Manage Slides

To add another slide : click on the button at the bottom right.

Duplicate or delete slides: Right-click any slide, then choose Duplicate, Delete.

You can move slides on "Slide edition Mode" click on the bottom of the "slide viewer" to activate "Slide edition Mode" and Move yours slides.

For add Question on this new slide :

Click Questions icon

To delete an object click on Red Cross

or right-click and select "DELETE"

To save a Open Elearning-project,

Press Menu and click to Save

For Change the background:

Click on "Slide edition Mode"  choose Format parameters of slide

To add a different fill to the slide's background select Background and choose an image to cover the slide.

Export Scorm

To export a Open Elearning-project in your LMS

Press Menu and click to export to SCORM

Choose Your LMS SYSTEM : Chamilo LMS Or Moodle