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E-Learning Authoring Tool

open-elearning editor gplv3

The Open E-learning project what is it?

Free and open source software for editing courses and educational games easily.

Create engaging multimedia courses, in a matter of minutes

Create Beautiful Courses

With anything you want : video, image, text, activity

No Coding Required

We look after the technology so you can spend time less time doing elearning create, and more time sharing your knowledge.

Anytime, Anywhere

The software does not require the Internet and installs directly on your computer.
  • No subscriptions
  • No connection
  • No constraint

Easy to use

The software is first and foremost easy to use and allows teachers and pedagogical designers to build e-learning modules easily in order to share their knowledge.

Carried in 2016 by the company digital builders in Lyon.

The objective of this software is to hinder the current tendency to privatize the creation and sharing of knowledge by offering software for Linux Mac & Windows free and freely shareable worldwide.

Open-Elearning is written in various languages Electron,Javascript,NodeJS.

This software is available under MIT license