To produce educational content on a stand-alone basis, you can use a handy fact sheet, but you can also use a process diagram (also called workflow or flow diagram) in the case of discovering how a business works or applying a security procedure, for example.

This folder explains why and how to create a good schema.

What is the purpose of a Process/workflow diagram?

We call plan process a technical drawing (livened up(led) or not) which allows a visual and orderly representation of a flow of generally complex work.

Example: I wish to represent the various stages of validation of an educational course(price) in a company of training(formation).

The initial purpose of a representation of a process under its graphic shape is to make understand by the image. The computer graphics of a workflow often appears as an image or the various flows are represented by arrows.

How to create a process graph in the Open eLearning software?

1. Select the tab « Process »

2. Select the tool « Steps » and install one and more step process

3. Select the tool « Lines process »

4. Add two additional points using the shortcut to the right of the object