Open eLearning is an authoring tool to develop e-learning modules. Open eLearning has many similarities with a presentation Software. If you have experience with a presentation Software, you will learn Open eLearning pretty quickly.

Actions in Open eLearning

You use Actions in combination with states and layers to make your e-learning module interactive. An example of a action is, for example:

Jump to slide: next slide: when user clicks button or picture.

I have now shown you the most important parts of the Open eLearning interface.

Example : Definition of action when the Button is clicked.

Definition of action when the Button is clicked

Actions Editor

Actions Editor is a simple environment to create some basic programming concepts in a fun and interactive manner.

In Open elearning, objects can be manipulated on the Actions Editor using various small program segments.

Each object has its own set of scripts to control its behaviors and how it interacts with other objects and events.