Kadolmas – Escape Game

Following the 2014 version, Kadolmas, the serious game dedicated to puzzles, makes its comeback with a brand-new edition. Embark on an adventure in settings inspired by Professor Jones’ adventures, where the serious game presents challenging puzzles and progression both outside and inside fictional temples. The interface is powered by the open-source Chamilo LMS software, coupled […]

How Gamification Software Improves Productivity

How Gamification Software Improves Productivity Market trends and competitive advantages have prompted companies to redefine learning and development. With far more focus on skill continuity, information retention, and individual innovation compared to the previous decade, much has been made to radically change how lessons are taught and how knowledge is imparted. A result of this […]

Free e-learning English

This English language training with your teacher can be combined with FREE e-learning course You will find a very friendly environment at Open eLearning. Here, anyone can take or create a course. You find on this page many elearning projects. Open Learning does work with a number of universities, so you can find a good mix […]

Assets Factory​

Assets Factory | $49 Personalize your E-learning contents with this set ? This set contains: Background : Outdoor view of the Factory Interior view of the Factory Parking lot People in work uniforms with different job positions. Buy $49

Assets Business

Kit Business | $49 Perzonalize your E-learning content with this set. This set contains: Background: Training room Meeting room Office view from the inside People in worker’s uniformsA business man/woman in 14 different positions . Buy $49

Assets Hospital

Kit Hospital  | $49 Personalize your E-learning content with this set. Thi set contains : Background : Hospital room Hospital Corridor Medicine storage room People in worker’s uniforms Buy $49 File types included : PDF, PNG, AI, SVG