Damien Renou [Lyon, France] Lead developer - Engine of open elearning
Alejandra Martinez [Madrid, Spain] Graphic designer - Contents & UI of open elearning
Anita Kumar [Grenoble, France] Graphic designer - Marketing
Jack Amberg [Paris] Multilingual UX and UI specialist
Murielle Clairet [France] Software Tester
Gion Kunz [Zurich, Switzerland] Lib chartist-js - Simple responsive charts http://gionkunz.github.io/chartist-js/
ISARA-LYON [Lyon, France] A French Higher Education Institution developing national and international education, research and expertise activities in agricultural, food and environmental science.
XING Developers [Hamburg, Munich, Barcelona, Porto] Text editor xing-wysihtml5 - https://github.com/xing
BATISSEURS-NUMERIQUES [Lyon, France] Games and simulations for industry.