How Gamification Software Improves Productivity

How Gamification Software Improves Productivity Market trends and competitive advantages have prompted companies to redefine learning and development. With far more focus on skill continuity, information retention, and individual innovation compared to the previous decade, much has been made to radically change how lessons are taught and how knowledge is imparted. A result of this […]

Create Dynamic exercise

Using Variable-Object in open-elearning is essential when you need to present dynamic exercise.A variable present a new challenge each time the learner visits the exercise in a course. 1. Install a Numeric Variable 2. Install a text box to write the problem Write this sentence :“A bathtub filled with ==fullwater liters of water has a […]

Make an educational game For Moodle

In this tutorial we will create a serious game from A to Z, from the creation to the integration in the famous LMS Moodle You have probably already had the idea to create a fun interface for yours learning courses on learning management system. In just 45 minutes this simple tutorial shows you how to make you […]