The Experience API (also referred to as ‘TIN CAN’) is a learning interface specification that allows learning activity and contents to interact allowing recording and tracking of all types of learning observation.Different systems allow you to communicate this workflow in a secure way using the simple vocabulary of xapi. 
It is designed to replace the legacy SCORM Standard and is created by ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning). 
The results of learning experiences are saved in a Learning Record Store (LRS).

The LRS controls the following functions:

  • Authentication of authorised learner
  • Validation of conformity to the xAPI Standard
  • The memory of learning data
  • Recovery and statistics of learning data

A curated table of xAPI solutions conforms to the current version of the XAPI, version 1.0.3

[table id=1 /]

Technological choice ?

An LRS system is chosen for its functions, not for the technologies it uses.
In an ecosystem logic where the LRS system is only one component, we know theoretically how to mix technologies.
However, the choice to use PHP 7 is a plus, especially in the Open Source community (Moodle community and Chamilo community in particular).
With MySQL or MariaDB, it guarantees a simplified installation, the server environments based on WAMP being the most common to date. For developers, PHP remains the most popular choice, which is important when it comes to deploying a project.

SCORM to xAPI Wrapper